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Back 2 School

Oh, boy!

We have to go to stupid school tomorrow.

I hate school; I just despise the homework and limited recreation time. We're only children. I consider school as child labor. *squints eyes and growls at my school* Haha!

I can't wait, though. I'm going to give all of my teachers big hugs for my awesome 97.74 report card which earned me a new computer for Christmas. I mean, I doubt I'll do that good for the second quarter, but still, I love my new computer (even though Windows Vista is a piece of junk). I also love my desktop *dramatic sigh.* We all could've guessed that pictures of Goob and Gerard alternate on my wallpaper. LOL! ^^

I'm also excited to, although it's concieted, show off my Jack Skellington scarf and MCR tee to all of my friends. I'm sure they're all ready to shove some things in my face (maybe... mehhhhhhhhhhhhhh...). 

Obviously, I'm still in my writer's rut. -sigh- It's the pits, I'm glad I'm being told I'm better than that to go off being emo and quiting writing. I almost gave up (thank God I didn't, I can't just give up on Morgan and Goob!!!!!!!!!! ^^). I'm still writing 24/7; there has to be a way out of this. :D It's like an adventure, really. Finding myself (and keeping my OC's from dying... sorry Morgan... and Mikey... and myself as a slave... and Gerard... and all the other people I've killed and injured in my dark, accidental fics... XD). I'm sure I'll get better soon. I've got to, I don't want to fail English (especially with the ELAs coming up!). 

Other than that, not much happened today. I woke up at noon, did my homework (which should NOT have been administered during a BREAK!), went to see Alvin and the Chipmunks (cutest, non-Disney movie in existence), and drank soup, hoping that would lift my spirits. It didn't, oh well, maybe I just need school (shudder) to make me feel "better." (LOL, as if school makes ANYONE feel good... since we're all "Teenagers" [MCR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]).

LOL, okey dokey, signin' off!