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An Actual Journal Entry

OK, well, I have a TON of news! I started ANOTHER story called Becka. Check out: 


Basically, it's a story based on the entire first alblum of the All-American Rejects'. I used to be like a really big fan of theirs (I still have the band-tee ^^) so this is just celebrating the fandom. I'm also gonna do an MCR fanfic based on The Black Parade soon. Phew, that'll be fun. 

Anyways, in this story, I'm introducing another character, Frank, who reminds me a lot of Nick from the All-American Rejects (not the lead singer, oh well). I don't know why; he just does! 

Read it, you'll like it. I have succeeded at Romances! Yay!

Oh also, I'm creating a new comic short. It's just one comic though. As typical as it is, it has to do with the Way brothers again. The storyboarding, well, I have to credit my sister, Dria Columbia for doing a fantastic job on that. I feel like a real director, though. I'm accepting the job of drawing this whole comic out (I love comics) and I just barely have a rough idea on what it's about (she still needs to give me the typed-up version). This is definitely going to be quite the experience, eh? I always was into comics... I love them. ^^ In fact, I'm still waiting for a chance to buy Umbrella Academy.

Additionally, I would love to take the honor of saying that Kim's birthday (gahhhh... IDK what her name is on LJ, KIM YOU HAVE TO MANY ONLINE NAMES!!!!!!!! Jk...) is on January third so here is my gift to her:


It's the least that I can do. She's been drawing me pictures of Morgan for, like, months now! Besides, Kim's officially an adult this year! WOOOO! She's gonna be going to college, *teary eyed* I'm gonna miss her. *smiles* I'm kidding, I'm kidding; I'm not upset with you, Kim, I'm proud. XD See? All that hard work and money invested in colored pencils and MTR movie tickets payed off, now didn't it? CONGRATS TO KIMMI!

That's all for now! I have some chocolate milk to drink! Toodles!