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January 3rd, 2008

I'm So Sorry

Whoa, boy. Here's the part of the day where I say sorry to all of you way too much to the point where it gets annoying. Let's begin, shall we?

1. I am sorry for not telling all of you that I have gotten back my "funny." I've got a really cool story idea to pitch to you people, one that may get my writing skills back for good! 

2. I am sorry for not giving the hugest shout-out EVER (like, in HISTORY) to Miss KIM for her 18th birthday, which was today! WOOOOOOO! HAPPY ADULTHOOD, KIMMI! I wish you luck with your animations (and Al-Mike stories, I can repeat ENOUGH of how good those fics are; I keep reading 'em over and over again XD). 

3. I am sorry for not expressing the fact that I finally CAN SING AFTER ALL OF THESE YEARS. 'Cause... yeah... I was a horrible singer and... now I'm good and (yes, this bullet is virtually pointless...).

4. I am sorry for staying up late on here when I have a retarted, 50-question, all-short answer, 40-minute-time-limited final on stuff I really don't know. I had the class first period, you know how I get. I'm a Goob. My mama doesn't let me have coffee in the morning; all she gives me is a vitamin pill and my body's already used to it... it has no effect anymore. So I've like been sleeping through class. WAHHH, I'M GONNA FAIL! GOD, SAVE ME! MERCY, MERCY!

5. I am sorry that I have been such an emo for the past few days when I said I wasn't, I'm really not; I just seem like one. ^^ HONEST! I'm goth; not emo!!! Please believe me!

6. I am sorry that I haven't been on FanFiction in so long! I miss it! I miss Morgan!

Enough I'm sorry-ing now. :D

Not much got accomplished today.

I stopped talking to Erica. She didn't seem to notice and I'm glad because I'm fed-up with her dissing my favorite stuff, you know? I'm tired of it and I'm glad it's over. *hides myself* Me and Kim and Dria love Gerard. Too bad. (And Kim likes Frankie too for the record... ;P)

I actually sang GOOD and PROJECTED in Drama today. That's unusual for me! ^^ I actually don't suck at my role anymore. I'm thinking of ditching the whole blonde-wig thing for the show, though. I just can't pull off the blonde look. Besides, let's not dye it platinum like SOMEBODY (*all eyes on Mr. Way, please*). 

Ummm... if anyone has any requests, please run it by me. I'm fresh out of ideas now (except for that one story idea... but that has nothing to do with FF.net). By requests... I mean... like, stories, continuing F&B, drawings (celebrities or MTR-related or something cartoonable... yes, I am aware that this isn't a word but bare with me), songs, etc. Anything; I'm suffering from long-term WRITER'S BLOCK HERE!

Also, my stupid Vista crashed AGAIN. I hate it when it does that, it insists on being an annoying jerk-off. As usual, it was a quick fix (you just restart it in safe mode, restart it again, and everything's just peachy again), but it's still a bother. This time I'm really ticked off; I got so annoyed with it that I finally got around to setting a system restore point [most useful thing invented for computers!!!!!] Basically, for those of you who aren't nerds like me, it sets a point for the computer to go back to if it crashes or fails or something else that only it could be stupid enough to do. It's almost like mechanical time traveling, really. IT'S MAGIC! The computer will automatically go back to the last System Restore had (it restores itself daily, setting a new point in time to return to) and everything will go back to normal (leaving your files un-harmed and still existing! YAY!).

Now, raise your hand if I just totally threw you off.

*everyone raises their hand*

Oh, REAL smooth... XD

On a major side note; here's why I'm completely CRUSHED. My friend Maya is moving to Pennsylvania in like a week. I really wouldn't care much; she was never my BFF or anything, we never became close, she wasn't that good of a friend anyway... but she keeps showing off about it. Like, she's completely excited. She can't wait to leave! She's too blind to get it; I'm never going to see her again. Someone's going to take her place in homeroom, phone bills are too expensive, mail takes too long and live passes to fast, and I'm not going to wake up and be the same person anymore. I'm just not. Everyone else seems fine about it, they don't seem a little upset. She can't tell that I am though. All she keeps doing every morning is bragging about how she'll be the smartest kid there because she'll be like 1 of 2 students that could actually make the honor roll and how they have horseback riding and how she's going to live in a mansion because living down there is cheaper. She doesn't seem like she'll miss me... it's more confusing than upseting. It's like, "Do I even exist to you anymore?". 0_o 

Actually, now that I think about it, she sort of USED to notice about me being a little depressed about her moving. I'd put on what everyone calls my "puppy eyes" (we all know how much I hate when everyone says that, LOL) and she'd be like, "Kim, what's wrong?"

"Nothing." I couldn't just tell her that I was upset. That I didn't want her to leave. I just couldn't. 

I do feel like a reject, on top of that. She doesn't even let me hug her anymore (I have this hugging issue- I'll hug anyone... as long as I at least KNOW them, tee hee! ^^). She's too busy gloating now to remember about what she's leaving behind. I'm going to miss her, as if my grades hadn't taken enough of a plunge just from no sleep ALREADY. I need coffee right now... heh heh...
-sigh- That is all, then. XD Wish me luck on the final tomorrow, 1st period that everyone knows I will fail. -grin- I don't care, it's just Home Ec. Not a major subject. Phew!