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I'm Not Dead!

Hi, I just want to say that I apologize for leaving and that I miss you guys so badly right now.

Heh, okay. I'll explain myself. While I've been off here:

1) My other grandfather was diagnosed with cellulitus and almost got his leg amputated.

2) I've got a recording of MCR's "All I Want For Christmas" on my compy.

3) My cancer-grandfather was moved to a horrible hospital where they said he "didn't have cancer." Yeah right. Every other hospital said he did and if not then why is he bleeding and why does he look like every other cancer patient in America?

4) Home Ec. ended with the 2nd quarter... so no more needles!

5) I've run out of pages in all my sketchbooks and now need new ones!

6) We went bankrupt.

7) I got an MCR pin from my sister!

8) My cousin put a bunch of My Chem vids on his Zune so I can watch 'em over and over again.

9) I drew the Breakfast Monkey and Vanya Hargreeves.

10) I aced a science test.

11) I fell in love with Gerard Way again after finding out he also has a small theatrical background. Pfft... Gerard in green tights as Peter Pan... what else is new???

12) I drew Gerard Way, Pete Wentz, Brendon Urie, Nick Wheeler, Haley Williams, Frank Iero, and Mikey Way in cartoon. They came out awesome! (And I never knew I could draw Haley from Paramore!)

That's basically it. G2G, I miss you all so far!!!

Music- where'd it go?


It stands for music television, am I right?

Well, I have one thing to say about that.

Yeah right!

It's depressing. Back in the 80s, and I have proof on a VHS, they used to play music on MTV. Now all they have is really retarted reality shows that nobody really gives about.

Sad much? Completely.

I don't watch much TV- if I do, I only watch Fuse and Teen Nick. But I only dream of watching videos on MTV like my parents were lucky enough to do. I know MTV plays videos like once a week, pfft. That's nothing. It barely counts.

Ummm... haha, yeah, that's all! ^^ Sorry I've been so busy. ELAs are next week.

School...... GAHHHH!

I hate school, I hate school, I hate school.

Okay, allow me to explain myself. In home ec., we're finally learning how to sew. Obviously, it's a known fact that when sewing, you use sharp objects.

I despise sharp objects.

-sigh- My top fears: enclosed spaces, death, and sharp stuff (knives, needles, etc.). 

And tomorrow I have to stab myself a thousand times with a sewing needle because I've never sewn before and am going to COMPLETELY screw this up. Gahhh......

Drama was fun yesterday.

I sang in front of a bunch of freshmen. I actually managed to SING (which I used to be horrible at) in front of a bunch of dudes older than me. It felt good. I got so many compliments, too. Everyone (teachers and students) thought I was great. I've always thought I was a terrible singer... I have a phobia of singing in front of adults. Not children, though. Especially younger children; come on, we were all tone-deaf when we were 4. Admit it!

Big accomplishment.

Here's the major drama:

I may be going to see Hairspray!

The Drama Club directors decided to plan a trip to see a Broadway play (Hairspray, as I just said) after the show like in late April. They can take the 8th grade cast members (only like 10 people XD) with a group rate of $35 smackers!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's like overly cheap. I am so happy. My dad said yes. *squeal*

Also, Dani (schoolfriend, you guys don't know her) has asked me to post a story that she's begun. It's not a fanfiction, though. Just a total fantasy story that I think you people would love. To sum it up, two friends (including me, hopefully that'll convince you to read it) go to a concert on All Hallows Eve (AKA- Halloween) and turn into different creatures and... well, I can't even tell you the rest. Since half of you barely even respond when I put up something not involving MCR, I'll say at least Kim and Dria will enjoy it (maybe Maddi, too ;D). Hope I've begun to build suspense for you guys.

It seems like I've neglected everything MTR for a while now. I've been too involved with MCR (stop that, Mi Mi!!!). I really need to draw some MTR stuff again. ; ) It's only fair. I think Kim's drawing kinda convinced me to do so. I miss it. XD I'll get back to drawing shortly.

So long and goodnight, adios, and keep lovin' Wilbur! 

Awkward Quiz

-Birth date: July 19th

-Height: 4' 11" ('Cause seriously, a majority of people are short these days. Except for a select few.)

-Eye color: Dark brown
-Hair color: "Chesnut" (That's what Mama calls it.)

-What does your name mean: I have no idea!

-High school graduation year: 2012 (I am so old.)

-Favorite relatives: My cousin, Dria, my little brother- "Goob", and my dead fish- Cleo.
-Summer memory: Obsessing over Meet the Robinsons, watching a lot of Fuse, having pretend fights with family memebers, acting like a writer, eating ice cream at garage sales...

-Favorite TV shows: LOST, SpongeBob, Billy and Mandy, stuff on Fuse, and Breakfast Monkey (which I'll bet NONE of you have seen because it never got a chance to air on Cartoon Network... WAHH!).

-What's on your mousepad: "Windows Vista" (sucks)

-In the car- AC or windows: AC (Only if it's steaming hot... otherwise I'd use a window.)

-Do you believe in yourself: Hmmm... well, I throw myself out on stage 3 times a week, completely open for humiliation from my peers with total, utter confidence. So... I'll let all of you answer that question. ^^

-Favorite game: Legend of Zelda (Nothing can possibly beat that series, I'm sorry.)

-Favorite drink: Coffee, Coke, chocolate milk, other things that are bad for my health...

-Favorite food: Chocolate chip cookies and pizza

-Favorite colors: Green, black, purple, ....ummmm.... green?

-Favorite sounds: BEEP, any burping or farting, Homer Simpson's famous "D'oh!", Spongebob's laugh, WHOOSH, and the sound that you hear when you're underwater listening to "Hey There Delilah" by the Plain White Ts... XD
-Favorite smell: Coffee, chocolate, lilac, espresso, and evergreen

-Favorite thing to do on a weekend: Absolutely nothing, drawing, writing, listening to music, hanging out with pals, eating pasta, etc.
-Favorite CDS: Anything MCR, anything Green Day, any CDs of that genius- Weird Al, the MTR Soundtrack, the NBC soundtrack, Rufus Wainwright's "Poses", and a bunch of other stuff.

-Where do you see yourself in 10 years: Still at home, finally allowed to date, with a driver's liscence, working as a waitress 'cause I still can't land a decent acting gig, listening to MCR while chewing bubble gum, and fixing cars with Dad.

-First thought in the morning: "What did I dream about again???"

-Do you get motion sickness: Never.
- Rollercoasters- deadly or exciting:   EXCITING! Do I seem like the type that wants to get killed in SIX FLAGS IN NEW JERSEY?!

-How many rings before you answer the phone:  2 or 3 tops. 

Are you a good friend: Hmmmm... the true question is, young warrior, are you a good friend? MWHAHAHAHAHA!

-Chocolate or Vanilla cake: Chocolate. That's a no-brainer. MAN, WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM? STOP ASKING STUPID QUESTIONS!

-What do you drive: A red Schwin Manta Ray Bike with NO training wheels! YAY!

-Do you sleep with a stuffed animal: Yes, his name is Gerard. I can also be seen lugging him around with me in school and everywhere else I go (he's my BUDDY). I do, I'll admit, look like a fool; being that I'm 13 and carry around a teddy bear with me.

-Thunderstorms cool or scary: Cool!

-If you could meet one person in the world, who would it be: Goob. (Yeah, keep dreaming, Mi Mi...)

-What is your zodiac sign: Cancer (Ironic, huh?)
-What do you wear to bed: Shorts and a T-shirt
-Do you eat stems of broccoli: Yes. Do you have a PROBLEM with that?

-Guys- If a girl ever asked you for the shirt on your back, would you give it to her?: Ummm... sorry... I'm not a guy. Too bad on all of you.

-Girls- Would you ever ask a guy for his shirt?: No, I know too many fangirls that would ask their favorite Jonas or Pete Wentz for their shirt, though. -sighs and shakes head-

-If you could have any occupation when you get older, what would it be: Actress. The most impractical dream occupation. The most impossible one, too. Typical of me.

-If you could dye your hair one color, what would it be: Hmmm... most likely a lighter brown or black. The thing is, unless if your born with it, jet black-dyed hair looks phony and cheesy. Too un-natural. I've never thought about it...

-If you could have a tattoo, what and where would it be: *squirm* OH THE PAIN! I ABSOLUTELY DESPISE ALL NEEDLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No way! I will never EVER get a tattoo. Since I was BORN I've hated needles. When I was a baby, they literally (not exaggerating here) need SEVEN nurses to hold me down, plus my parents! They hurt... they scare me... I freak out with any sharp objects. *shudder* Why the heck do you think I despise DORIS so much? Ummm... talk about SHARP mechanical legs that hurt! I hate needles... I hate knives... I hate swords... I can't stand sharpness. :D So I'll stick with airbrush tattoos for right now... 
-Favorite brand of gum: I hate gum (I know I'm weird!!!)

-What is your favorite quote: My own. "Computers make excellent paperweights." 'Cause it's true!
-Have you ever been in love: Nope. Fangirl-isms do not count... unfortunately... : (
-What's on your walls in your room: pink walls (Ewwww... I wouldn't mind but it's like BUBBLEGUM pink!), flower decals, and an MCR poster that still hasn't been put up yet. I'm building the suspense... XD

-Is the glass half-empty or half-full: You know, I'm just not positive anymore! The Robinsons and Yagoobians just had to get me all confuzzled...

-Which do you prefer- Cool Ranch or Nacho Cheese Doritos: I have no idea- I don't like any of those.
-Favorite flavor Snapple: Lemonade (pink or regular.)

Coke or Pepsi: COKE!!!!!!!! The CREATORS of Pepsi...

-Which kind of milk is your favorite: Chocolate milk

-If you were to kill someone, which method would you use? Hmmmm... that is an excellent question. A stab in the heart, probably, to get it over with quickly. Obviously, I'd be caught. But that's how you kill a vampire, so I'd imagine it works on mortals like you people, too. Why do you ask? OH MY GOD, YOU PEOPLE ARE ONTO ME NOW! I've got to get out of town! To New Jersey! No one will ever find me there!

-Are you a righty, lefty, or ambidextrous: Righty.

-Do you type with your fingers on the right keys: I'm a writer; of course I type correctly!
-When you meet a person of the opposite sex, you notice their: Chubbiness (I like chubby guys...), eyes, T-shirt, height, humor, personality.
-What's under your bed: Dust, my lost teddy bear from kindergarten, old toys I stopped playing with, and a few socks, I suppose.
-What's the best number in the world: 13. For no reason whatsoever.

-What is your dream car: Pearl White Ford T-bird with a sunroof and fin on the trunk.

-Who is your biggest crush right now: Gerard Way/ Goob Yagoobian/ Mikey Way/ David Lee Roth (He's old- but who really cares about age anymore?)

-Nickname: Kim, Kimmi, Mi Mi, MiMi, Kay, Kay-Kay, Adriana, Addy, Adelaide, Sarah, Cassandra, Goob, Goobie.

-School: WBHS

-Bacon Bits Or croutons: Neither.

-Trick or Treat?: Trick.

-Favorite Salad Dressing: Whatever my parents use... I never pay attention.

-What type of Shampoo/Conditioner: Whatever's in the bathroom at the moment.

-Have you ever been skinny dipping: WTH? NO!!!!!!!!!!!! [Note: I did not make this quiz up. It's a forward I stole. I'd never ask that!]
-Vampire or Werewolf?: While my younger sibling's friends always call me a vampire (*glares at them wildly for a second*) I do like werewolves a lot better. Stupid Michael Jackson had to ruin it for me, though, with "Thriller." Anywho, I do like wolves... a lot. Like "House of Wolves" *squeal*! I do like the moon, too. It's cool and stuff... XD I know the idea seems impossible, but where would we be if we couldn't dream. Besides, werewolf-ness isn't permenant. You change back to normal at daylight. Being a vampire is a full-time job. Being a werewolf sounds kind of cool...

-Do you make fun of people: I try to avoid it, although I can't resist teasing my teachers in class only so they can use their own personal, awesome sarcasm and wits to make a fool out of obnoxious, perky, quirky, outspoken Mi Mi.
-Have you ever been convicted of a crime: ... great, now all of you are really onto me...

Sunrise or sunset?: Sunsets... so much prettier!

-One pillow or two: One.

-Pets: Does a younger sibling and a dead fish qualify as "pets"?

-Favorite Movies: Meet the Robinsons, Wayne's World, and the Nightmare Before Christmas.

-Favorite type of music: Punk, Punk Pop (same thing), Rock, 80s New Wave, Alternative, Mainstream, and Indie Rock.
-Hobbies: Acting, singing, songwriting, story-writing, and reading comics.

-Word or Phrase you overuse: Cool, like, yeah, umm, uhhh, What?, dude, Gerard, Black Parade, Coke, mama, coffee, and (especially) "GOOOOOOOOOOOOBBBBBBBBBBBB"!

-Toothpaste: Crest.
-Do you get along with your parents: Not all the time; most of the time and I'm still able to love them ^^ !

-Favorite song at the moment: That's a toughie! I have too many...

-Most humiliating moment: Knocking a co-actor into a speaker set and catching him before there was any damage, closing the door on my younger brother accidently and leaving him out in the cold, getting knocked off a stage while dancing and being caught in mid-air, being flirted with by a problem child in the middle of a Drama club rehearsal and calling it "ad-libbing", and spending my entire Elementary School career as a reject.
-Favorite Holiday: All Hallows Eve, Christmas, and Easter.
-Closest You've Gotten to Death: -sigh- Falling into my great-grandmother's grave, almost not being born, almost dying in a car collision or FIVE, burning alive from an explosion in a telephone poll near my house, and other stuff that I'll discuss in another journal. Let's just say I'm lucky I'm still here and healthy. XD

Okay, your turn!



Today wasn't weird, but today I was weird.

I did a lot of AWESOME sketches today. I would've deviantART-ed them, but I figured it wasn't worth it because I did it all in a lined notebook. Gimme a break, I forgot my sketchbook at home!

They're really good... I never knew I could draw like that. I finally mastered drawing Gerard (it comes easy after the... I don't know... 5OTH TIME) and even Mikey Way. *squeals* Mikey looks good... with coffee! 

So does Goob...

Why does everyone named Michael look good with coffee? Why?!

For the record, I have a piece of steak stuck in between my canine fangs (because when your teeth grow to be THAT sharp, you canNOT call them teeth any longer). But I have a feeling I gave all of you too much information so let's all pretend I never mentioned anything. *evil laugh* 

Oooooh, I got my Three Cheers CD! AWESOME MUCH! It's such a hit; the original fans were right- this kicks Black Parade's butt. No offense to MCR, though. I'm sure their next CD will rock. I'm positive. ;P

To make you all sad so I can just make all of you happy again, here's some random info that most of you probably know:

The song "I'm Not OK (I Promise)" was written by Gerard Way (no, REALLY???). But it's based on a high school experience. In high school he had a crush on this girl and she just completely ditched him, because, well... we all know the Gerard pics (considering I'm always posting them as icons) and he used to be a chubby little nerd as a teen (heh heh, not anymore!). So he got really sad and... WA-LAH! WE NOW HAVE THE AWESOME HIT, "I'M NOT OK!". Seriously, how do you turn HIM down?! Jeez! And now he's a married, celebrity, cartoon-creating, comic nerd/writer dude with really cool hair and already THREE ALBLUMS. So that girl is an idiot and she's probably broke and even more stupid than before. GO GERARD!

Heh heh... enough MCR rants for me. Back to MTR...

Haha, I will be TRYING my best to getting back to F&B. Just waiting for new ideas... I've really got to get them down on paper. Life has been such a pain right now, I apologize completely.

Also, about that comic. I am still waiting for the story- but I started drafting out a rough idea of what it'll look like. LOL, my cheeks are big and Goob-ish. Which is completely normal for me. And Gerard looks like he's in major pain in every single picture... I've got to make at least ONE of him smiling. The whole ticked-off-at-my-stupid-little-brother look is getting old. They don't actually hate each other in real life! ^^ That would be horrible- there would be no MCR! Mikey... he just looks like himself. XD

Hmmmmm... just warning all of you now, I am posting something non-MTR on fanfiction at some point this month. *everyone gasps* Now, now: do NOT worry. I didn't even write it. Dani did, but her parents won't let her get an account (although it's FREE *rolls eyes*) so she's asked me to post it. Obviously, I'll credit her. It's rather interesting, her, me, and my brother (who she calls "Goobert" because he looks like Goob ^^) are all in it on Halloween and somehow I end up on an airplane, dressed as a werewolf, talking to Gerard's mama... odd... :D I can't wait to post it.

About Dani, she had an awkward dream last night and I just HAVE to post it. It was the most random dream in existence. Okay, so, it was at her house. Her parents were having a Christmas party (yes, in JANUARY) and Fall Out Boy (oh jeez...) was playing in the backyard (Uh huh, uh huh, uh huh.... yeah- that is COMPLETELY realistic, my dear friends). Pete Wentz came over and gave Dani a present and a hug and Dani was all OMG-ish. (Am I the only soul in this world not crushing on Pete Wentz or Patrick for the matter?!). Then I just came out of nowhere with Mikey drinking coffee (not really, I just made that part up... heh heh). And the last most random part was the fact that Gerard was swinging around on her TIRE SWING. Can you imagine that? ...I can't... it's just hard to picture... XD But still hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!

YAY! I'M GONNA SEE MY GRANDPA TOMORROW! -groan- Cancer should go die... I wish it could, at least. Nobody wants cancer, nobody loves it, it has no purpose but to murder. I HATE CANCER!!!!!!! GRRRRR! *growls* MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, see my blind fury! ....ehhhh... not really... ;D Cancer really does need to go away, though. 


That is all, pals. XD

I'm So Sorry

Whoa, boy. Here's the part of the day where I say sorry to all of you way too much to the point where it gets annoying. Let's begin, shall we?

1. I am sorry for not telling all of you that I have gotten back my "funny." I've got a really cool story idea to pitch to you people, one that may get my writing skills back for good! 

2. I am sorry for not giving the hugest shout-out EVER (like, in HISTORY) to Miss KIM for her 18th birthday, which was today! WOOOOOOO! HAPPY ADULTHOOD, KIMMI! I wish you luck with your animations (and Al-Mike stories, I can repeat ENOUGH of how good those fics are; I keep reading 'em over and over again XD). 

3. I am sorry for not expressing the fact that I finally CAN SING AFTER ALL OF THESE YEARS. 'Cause... yeah... I was a horrible singer and... now I'm good and (yes, this bullet is virtually pointless...).

4. I am sorry for staying up late on here when I have a retarted, 50-question, all-short answer, 40-minute-time-limited final on stuff I really don't know. I had the class first period, you know how I get. I'm a Goob. My mama doesn't let me have coffee in the morning; all she gives me is a vitamin pill and my body's already used to it... it has no effect anymore. So I've like been sleeping through class. WAHHH, I'M GONNA FAIL! GOD, SAVE ME! MERCY, MERCY!

5. I am sorry that I have been such an emo for the past few days when I said I wasn't, I'm really not; I just seem like one. ^^ HONEST! I'm goth; not emo!!! Please believe me!

6. I am sorry that I haven't been on FanFiction in so long! I miss it! I miss Morgan!

Enough I'm sorry-ing now. :D

Not much got accomplished today.

I stopped talking to Erica. She didn't seem to notice and I'm glad because I'm fed-up with her dissing my favorite stuff, you know? I'm tired of it and I'm glad it's over. *hides myself* Me and Kim and Dria love Gerard. Too bad. (And Kim likes Frankie too for the record... ;P)

I actually sang GOOD and PROJECTED in Drama today. That's unusual for me! ^^ I actually don't suck at my role anymore. I'm thinking of ditching the whole blonde-wig thing for the show, though. I just can't pull off the blonde look. Besides, let's not dye it platinum like SOMEBODY (*all eyes on Mr. Way, please*). 

Ummm... if anyone has any requests, please run it by me. I'm fresh out of ideas now (except for that one story idea... but that has nothing to do with FF.net). By requests... I mean... like, stories, continuing F&B, drawings (celebrities or MTR-related or something cartoonable... yes, I am aware that this isn't a word but bare with me), songs, etc. Anything; I'm suffering from long-term WRITER'S BLOCK HERE!

Also, my stupid Vista crashed AGAIN. I hate it when it does that, it insists on being an annoying jerk-off. As usual, it was a quick fix (you just restart it in safe mode, restart it again, and everything's just peachy again), but it's still a bother. This time I'm really ticked off; I got so annoyed with it that I finally got around to setting a system restore point [most useful thing invented for computers!!!!!] Basically, for those of you who aren't nerds like me, it sets a point for the computer to go back to if it crashes or fails or something else that only it could be stupid enough to do. It's almost like mechanical time traveling, really. IT'S MAGIC! The computer will automatically go back to the last System Restore had (it restores itself daily, setting a new point in time to return to) and everything will go back to normal (leaving your files un-harmed and still existing! YAY!).

Now, raise your hand if I just totally threw you off.

*everyone raises their hand*

Oh, REAL smooth... XD

On a major side note; here's why I'm completely CRUSHED. My friend Maya is moving to Pennsylvania in like a week. I really wouldn't care much; she was never my BFF or anything, we never became close, she wasn't that good of a friend anyway... but she keeps showing off about it. Like, she's completely excited. She can't wait to leave! She's too blind to get it; I'm never going to see her again. Someone's going to take her place in homeroom, phone bills are too expensive, mail takes too long and live passes to fast, and I'm not going to wake up and be the same person anymore. I'm just not. Everyone else seems fine about it, they don't seem a little upset. She can't tell that I am though. All she keeps doing every morning is bragging about how she'll be the smartest kid there because she'll be like 1 of 2 students that could actually make the honor roll and how they have horseback riding and how she's going to live in a mansion because living down there is cheaper. She doesn't seem like she'll miss me... it's more confusing than upseting. It's like, "Do I even exist to you anymore?". 0_o 

Actually, now that I think about it, she sort of USED to notice about me being a little depressed about her moving. I'd put on what everyone calls my "puppy eyes" (we all know how much I hate when everyone says that, LOL) and she'd be like, "Kim, what's wrong?"

"Nothing." I couldn't just tell her that I was upset. That I didn't want her to leave. I just couldn't. 

I do feel like a reject, on top of that. She doesn't even let me hug her anymore (I have this hugging issue- I'll hug anyone... as long as I at least KNOW them, tee hee! ^^). She's too busy gloating now to remember about what she's leaving behind. I'm going to miss her, as if my grades hadn't taken enough of a plunge just from no sleep ALREADY. I need coffee right now... heh heh...
-sigh- That is all, then. XD Wish me luck on the final tomorrow, 1st period that everyone knows I will fail. -grin- I don't care, it's just Home Ec. Not a major subject. Phew!


Awkward Day

Today was just plain awkward!

Okay, well, I woke up half-dead (at least it felt like it) and I went through my "normal" school day.

Not much happened until my rec period. I spent the whole time squeezing next to my group of friends near the handball courts trying to keep warm in a trenchcoat that I figured would actually SUCEED in being useful. Boy, was I wrong!

Then I found out the sweetest thing. My pal Dani told me that she was GOING to get me a Goob action figure for Christmas; but then found that she forgot which Meet the Robinsons character Goob was! LOL, she almost picked out Lewis. I then had to explain that there was no Goob action figures. She was like, "Well, it was either Lewis or Bowler Hat Guy left..." and I was like, "OMG, BOWLER HAT GUY SOUNDS GOOD!". LOL, then everyone looked at me funny... hmmm... I wonder why! So she's like, "Okay, don't get too excited. I'll see what I can do." YAY!

Grr... I am still waiting for my Three Cheers CD to come in. XP

Also, the one part of my day that really pissed me off. (I'll bet you all were excited for this part *eye roll*). Okay, so my so-called "friend", Erica, came outta nowhere (and she gets really, really hyper sometimes... worse off than me: the one idiot outside who's always screaming in random peoples' ears... yeah, that's BAD). She went on a Jonas Brothers rant and (this time I can't blame Dani because I was about to say the same thing) Dani was like, "Oh my God, why are you always here? We don't care about the Jonas Brothers." And (Jeez, I hate even typing this) she was like, "Yeah? Well at least I like boys that look like males." Now, here's a mini lesson for all of you. Dani also likes Gerard; and for some reason that I'm unsure of, Erica thinks Gee is gay/bi and thinks he looks like a girl. -shudder- No way; he is neither- he's MARRIED and he's not gay, trust me! ^^ And he looks more manly than a certain trio of brothers will ever be (ahem, sorry to diss, that came out wrong- they all look like men... oops...). So Dani got really quiet (LOL, that's what she always does when someone does something stupid to get everyone angry... even she doesn't know why she does it! XD) and just like completely gave Erica the death stare. I would've laughed if I wasn't so busy moping about Gerard. Then Erica's like, "O-kay..." and she looks at me and says, "Well, I'm sorry to you, though."

No response from yours truly; complete sucking-up-tears-moment going on...

Erica raises her eyebrows sympathetically. "Mi Mi [not what she called me, I'm just doing that for privacy reasons... heh heh ^^], what's wrong?"

And here's were she completely blew it as a "friend."

"C'mon, you look like a sad, little puppy dog."

That's the worst thing you can say to me. It truly is. That's when I lose my control completely. I hate my innocence; I hate it with all my power. I hate being treated like I'm the "cute" one that nobody wants to cause "pain" to. I despise that; I only wanna be treated fairly.

I take a step closer. "I am NOT a sad little puppy dog. Stop treating me like one. I'm a human, I can take care of myself, and since when do you care about my feelings???"

Erica stutters. "Well... I... you just looked... I mean..."

Dani puts a hand on my shoulder, "Mi Mi [edited again! MWHAHAHAHA!], but you do look like a puppy dog."

I pull away and glare at her (one of my BFFs). "I can't believe you! I told you I don't like being treated like that. This is ridiculous!"

Erica walks off with her Jonas posse and I sigh. Dani shoots me an apologetic smile and I look away for a second or two at the grey sky.

"Can I have a hug? I need one now," I finally say.

She hugs me and I let go and latch onto her arm again, because it's still freezing cold.

Yeah, lesson here: don't mess with Mi Mi. LOL! Even I can be a rebel when I feel like one. 

I still feel bad about getting mad at Dani, she was on my side the whole time, it's just that I was tired of being the small, Johnny Cade out of my friends. I'm nothing LIKE that! But, yeah, Dani and I are pretty close. Not sister-close; but close enough as friends. She'll stick up for me, she's always ready to pounce on anyone who makes any comments about our friends, she loves MCR... Dani's awesome. She's more than just a bodyguard, though, we're friends. 

Gee, now I feel really stupid. I'm sorry to all the Jonas fans out there... I used to be one but I got bored of the obsession. I'm really sorry; I didn't mean what I said. They do look like men (teenaged... except for Kevin). 

: / OMG, I'm really, really, really sorry! ^^

Other than that, I found out today that my Math grade PLUNGED from an 100 average in the first quarter to a 94. Normally I wouldn't care... but it's SIX points for crying out loud. If it was 2 or 3, I wouldn't care. But something's wrong when it gets that low. Yikes!

That's about all. I'm glad I got that out in the open. Yay me! My writing's till not getting better; tell the peeps on fanfic that I'm still working out of the rut, okay?

Back 2 School

Oh, boy!

We have to go to stupid school tomorrow.

I hate school; I just despise the homework and limited recreation time. We're only children. I consider school as child labor. *squints eyes and growls at my school* Haha!

I can't wait, though. I'm going to give all of my teachers big hugs for my awesome 97.74 report card which earned me a new computer for Christmas. I mean, I doubt I'll do that good for the second quarter, but still, I love my new computer (even though Windows Vista is a piece of junk). I also love my desktop *dramatic sigh.* We all could've guessed that pictures of Goob and Gerard alternate on my wallpaper. LOL! ^^

I'm also excited to, although it's concieted, show off my Jack Skellington scarf and MCR tee to all of my friends. I'm sure they're all ready to shove some things in my face (maybe... mehhhhhhhhhhhhhh...). 

Obviously, I'm still in my writer's rut. -sigh- It's the pits, I'm glad I'm being told I'm better than that to go off being emo and quiting writing. I almost gave up (thank God I didn't, I can't just give up on Morgan and Goob!!!!!!!!!! ^^). I'm still writing 24/7; there has to be a way out of this. :D It's like an adventure, really. Finding myself (and keeping my OC's from dying... sorry Morgan... and Mikey... and myself as a slave... and Gerard... and all the other people I've killed and injured in my dark, accidental fics... XD). I'm sure I'll get better soon. I've got to, I don't want to fail English (especially with the ELAs coming up!). 

Other than that, not much happened today. I woke up at noon, did my homework (which should NOT have been administered during a BREAK!), went to see Alvin and the Chipmunks (cutest, non-Disney movie in existence), and drank soup, hoping that would lift my spirits. It didn't, oh well, maybe I just need school (shudder) to make me feel "better." (LOL, as if school makes ANYONE feel good... since we're all "Teenagers" [MCR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]).

LOL, okey dokey, signin' off!

Writer's Blues

I'd like to start by wishing all of you a happy new years and for you all to have good luck in the future. 



So, I'm going through a rough time with my writing and I'm wondering if anyone else has gone through this type of stage.

I'm 13- let's face it- I'm a teenager. I go through a lot. I go through tons of acne, for example. ^^ We all go through changes as adolescents. Emotionally, physically, mentally... we have to try to find ourselves in this world. 

So what happens when you get lost and you don't know who you are anymore?

Okay, nevermind. I put that WAY too poetically. Ummm, what I mean is... well... I'm in a writer's rut. I'm stuck. I think I just might've completely lost my talent. Maybe it's just me being way too under-confident in myself. That does happen sometimes.

You see, my goal tonight was to write a humorous story about myself (I'm not even explaining it, LOL, the entire storyline was a bit... goofy, haha!!!!!). Let's just say it got too out-of-hand and ended up being angsty and even a little violent. It's just not like me... I know I do this with Freckles and Blondie, but the only violence in that fanfic was Morgan's strangling-feeling that night and the snowball fight. Pfft, if you call that "danger." LOL! This was different thought; it was abusive, emotional, and just not my style. I even looked at it half-way through and wasn't satisfied. It's disgusting. It was not my typical work.

I don't know. Did I lose my talent? Is it possible? Good God, if I did, I have no clue what I'll do now!

-sigh- Writing that just completely screwed up the rest of New Years. I know this is a little over-dramatic; I almost cried, I couldn't concentrate, I felt like a total Goob. LOL, I love Goob... [no, you never would've guessed].

Whoa, it's 2:20. I have school on Wednesday. BLEH! I'd rather just go get a JOB. I can't anyway; there's no way I'm dropping out after I've went this far in school. 

I'm going to try writing tomorrow (after I do my homework) and hope that it was just a short, passing phase of some awkward, sick, twisted sort. Right now I need sleep (I had too much coffee tonight). Oh jeez!

An Actual Journal Entry

OK, well, I have a TON of news! I started ANOTHER story called Becka. Check out: 


Basically, it's a story based on the entire first alblum of the All-American Rejects'. I used to be like a really big fan of theirs (I still have the band-tee ^^) so this is just celebrating the fandom. I'm also gonna do an MCR fanfic based on The Black Parade soon. Phew, that'll be fun. 

Anyways, in this story, I'm introducing another character, Frank, who reminds me a lot of Nick from the All-American Rejects (not the lead singer, oh well). I don't know why; he just does! 

Read it, you'll like it. I have succeeded at Romances! Yay!

Oh also, I'm creating a new comic short. It's just one comic though. As typical as it is, it has to do with the Way brothers again. The storyboarding, well, I have to credit my sister, Dria Columbia for doing a fantastic job on that. I feel like a real director, though. I'm accepting the job of drawing this whole comic out (I love comics) and I just barely have a rough idea on what it's about (she still needs to give me the typed-up version). This is definitely going to be quite the experience, eh? I always was into comics... I love them. ^^ In fact, I'm still waiting for a chance to buy Umbrella Academy.

Additionally, I would love to take the honor of saying that Kim's birthday (gahhhh... IDK what her name is on LJ, KIM YOU HAVE TO MANY ONLINE NAMES!!!!!!!! Jk...) is on January third so here is my gift to her:


It's the least that I can do. She's been drawing me pictures of Morgan for, like, months now! Besides, Kim's officially an adult this year! WOOOO! She's gonna be going to college, *teary eyed* I'm gonna miss her. *smiles* I'm kidding, I'm kidding; I'm not upset with you, Kim, I'm proud. XD See? All that hard work and money invested in colored pencils and MTR movie tickets payed off, now didn't it? CONGRATS TO KIMMI!

That's all for now! I have some chocolate milk to drink! Toodles!